Our products

EP plus distributes resins and hardeners from Leuna and Pointer. You can also contact us for environmentally friendly anti-corrosion pigments from Sensopolis. We guide you in identifying and combining the right products. After all, the number of combination options between resins and hardeners is very large: solid and liquid resins, BPA and BPF resins (whether (reactively) diluted or not), aliphatic and cycloaliphatic hardeners, polyamines and polyaminoamides, free of alkylphenols, MXDA, BPA or benzyl alcohol. In addition, you will also find a series of pigment pastes in all kinds of basic colors in our range. Furthermore, Pointer also has two interesting additives, a defoamer and leveling agent, which can be used for all kinds of applications.

We also focus on green epoxy systems. For example, we supply epoxy resins with a bio content of 41% and a CO2 reduction of 47% during the production process. Combined with the right hardener, this gives an advanced and durable epoxy system.

We are currently active in the following sectors:

Construction industry

Not only do we supply epoxy for road and bridge constructions, industrial and decorative floor systems are also possible. You can contact us for primers, scratch coats, cast floors, stone carpet, trowel floors, etc. We can supply specific systems for casting resins, low-yellowing epoxy, chemical resistance, low labeling, VOC-free, etc.


EP plus supplies the necessary components for anti-corrosion systems on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This ranges from low-solvent to high solids, solvent-free and water-based systems. In addition, we offer an environmentally friendly alternative to zinc phosphate (classified as SVHC). Zinc oxide and MEKO also belong to the possibilities.


Looking for a fiber-reinforced system? EP plus offers a wide range of applications, both “hot cure” and “cold cure”.


Adhesion primers and adhesives on various surfaces are indispensable. At EP plus you will find 2-K adhesive systems for various surfaces.