About us

EP plus is a distributor of epoxy resins and hardeners in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. We supply high quality resins, hardeners and pigment pastes from Leuna and Pointer. We also offer environmentally friendly anti-corrosion pigments. Thanks to our years of experience, we offer technical know-how and recommendations adapted to every demand. We like to focus on innovation and unique product developments. People-friendly and sustainable products are also of great importance to us. All our products are available in jerrycans, drums or IBCs. Thanks to our own warehousing and transport, we can deliver quickly and punctually in the Benelux. We keep a large part of our extensive range in stock for fast deliveries. In addition, we supervise bulk deliveries of standard products and are able to produce tailor-made products on demand.

EP plus wants to assist its customers with advice and assistance. Every question is handled and answered personally. Together we look for the best solution for your business. We attach great importance to sustainable products. Our epoxy systems always comply with the most recent safety regulations. We only offer the most people-friendly products. This translates into solvent-free and water-based epoxy systems, but also, for example, into nonylphenol-free hardeners, free of benzyl alcohol or alkylphenol.

Our products